Growing out of nearly 10 years of evidence-based practice, psychoscenography© can be defined as the understanding of the effect of scenography on the psychology and behaviour of individuals and groups (Sweeney, E, 2019).

Eliza developped her unique theory and practice of psychoscenography following clinical research with adults and children in psychiatry where the scenography, performance design or architecture of the spaces contributed to the therapeutic process. Regarding them as medium, she leads academic study and research into this area while practicing  this method. Using scenography as medium, she appreciates that mediums and materials work through us as much as we work through and with them. She has implemented this method with people suffering from anxiety, trauma, grief, solastalgia, eco-anxiety and distress, nightmares, insomnia, and in perinatal care.


Beyond her work with The Creative Health Space Eliza is an activist for the environmental crisis and uses this method to respond to the emergency. Psychoscenography is relational and Eliza is passionate about seeing a change in people's relationship with the natural world and with each other. Her current doctoral research at Northumbria University in Britain aims to reveal the potential of creating external landscapes to transform internal ones that lead to agency & wellness in the face of global crises.

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