Perinatal Care & Women's Wellbeing

In her role as art therapist and with a postgraduate training in relaxation, Eliza offers a space for women on their fertility journey, in pre and post natal phases of motherhood, for mothers and their babies, and for couples. She is devoted to nurturing the nurturers, to cultivate a space where each person can prepare emotionally and psychologically for the arrival of a new baby and the transition to parenthood. She incorporates creative sensory methods and relaxation that is close to auto-hypnosis for birth preparation or for general well-being. She has welcomed pregnant women in relaxation to diminish stress, anxiety, depression and for general wellbeing. She has worked with couples in birth preparation: birth plan, visualisation, affirmations, vision board creation for the birthing room, as well as offering support to women and couples going through IVF, trauma, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, and body image and identity crisis. She has a special passion for working with mothers and couples in connecting with their child in the pre and post natal season of life using art and sensory play to strengthen attachment and bonding and is completing a postgraduate advanced diploma in Neuro-Dramatic-Play®* (S. Jennings) to bolster this work. 


She offers individual, couple and groups and works in French or English.

The Red Tent Program© is a unique program lasting 6 sessions of 1.5 hours each where together you will create a safe and nurturing space in and around you for the birth of your child that can be taken into the birthing room or integrated into your home.

Neuro-Dramatic-Play® is an attachment based intervention that focuses on the early playful relationship between mother and unborn child - mother and newborn child (S. Jennings). However, it can be applied to children of all ages. Through play and drama, it emphasises a combination of basic trust, security and ritual, with stimulation, exploration and risk. Neuro-Dramatic-Play® enables people to become more playful and to think ‘outside the box’. It encourages people to be more independent and self-reliant. It affirms people’s identity and self-esteem, and the building of social relationships. Neuro-Dramatic-Play® has a unique influence on child development both during pregnancy and in the early months. It is essential for healthy attachments, the growth of the brain and the chemical balance of the body.

NDP influences the development of:

• Bonding and attachment
• Security and nurture
• Confidence and communication
• Empathy and resilience
• Playfulness and creativity