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With a special focus on space, ecoscenography and dramatherapy,

we create safe and creative spaces drawing on scenographic tools for therapeutic outcomes.

I aim to help people identify their emotions linked to the climate crisis, to better understand climate change, to support them in the face of the anxieties and fears associated with it, in order to strengthen their resources and resilience, and to be actors in their lives and their future.

“We need to address all of our emotions about the climate crisis, not only for our mental wellbeing but also to remove roadblocks to action. If we can’t look at how climate change makes us feel—along with the dilemmas and difficult choices we face—we can’t solve it.”

– Dr. Renee Lertzman, founder of the Climate Psychology Alliance



I offer psychological support to individuals, groups and enterprises who are suffering from the anxieties and fears linked to climate change. I create and carry out projects with the aim of informing about sustainable development and climate change through creativity and artistic practice.

The SustainABILITY Project©, launched for the first time with MILPERA, was created with the aim of offering "creative green programmes" and "green mental health programmes" in schools. I also offer this support in my private practice.

Sustain: maintain, support

Ability: ability, possibility, competence

Sustainability: sustainable development, ecology, environment 

Painting Stones


Whether individual or group sessions, we will use tools from dramatic play and visual art to explore the issues that are impacting your mental and emotional health.

Drama therapy finds its roots in theatre so we can use puppets, masks, mime, text, poetry, song, improvisation and role play. Art therapy finds its roots in visual art so we can use drawing, painting, sculpture, collage or photography.

This creative arts process gives the child or young person the opportunity to explore their experiences, beliefs, fears, weaknesses, strengths as well as their past, present and future in a safe and containing environment.

All of these tools will be at your disposition to discover and create with when exploring issues that might be too hard to talk about. Because sometimes we don't have the words to explain how we feel. So we can draw it, or act it out, or sing it or write it. This is the beauty of Creative Art Therapy. If you don't feel like talking, you don't have to. But if you do, either myself, or one of my puppets, is very good at listening.

You do not have to be a good artist or actor to participate in creative therapy. The focus is on the process, and what is drawn out through making art, rather than the finished product.

All sessions are judgement free, and confidential.

Mère et bébé


I offer drama and visual art therapy sessions to women, women and babies and couples.

I offer a space for you to explore the idea of becoming a Mother or Father and to prepare emotionally and psychologically for the arrival of your new baby

My aim is to help nurture the nurturer by incorporating creative strategies on a kinesthetic/sensory, psychological and emotional level. In all sessions we can use painting, drawing, dance, music, song, role play, improvisation, puppetry, poetry, text, sculpture, relaxation and many other creative tools.

I offer group, couple and individual sessions. Some of the work that we can do together:

 - Pregnant Mama relaxation

- Birth preparation visualisations, affirmations and vision board creation

- Belly casting

- Red Tent Creative Therapy Program©: creating a safe and nurturing space in and around you for the birth of your child

- Memoralizing a lost child

- Support for trauma related to traumatic birth, perinatal loss, sexual abuse, fear of birth

- Other emotional or mental health support needs prior to, during or after pregnancy can be met in my practice

- IVF and infertility support

- Ante natal and post-natal depression and anxiety support

- Metamorphoses Therapy Program© 

- Body image and identity support 

- Connecting story of attachment with mother and baby

- Repairing any disconnect resulting from separation at birth, trauma, depression or anxiety with parent and baby

- Mama + Baby Post-Natal individual or group sessions

- Couples with Baby Pre + Post Natal sessions

I am currently doing professional development in Neuro-Dramatic-Play (S. Jennings). Neuro-Dramatic-Play® is an attachment based intervention that focuses on the early playful relationship between mother and unborn child - mother and newborn child (S. Jennings). However, it can be applied to children of all ages. Through play and drama, it emphasises a combination of basic trust, security and ritual, with stimulation, exploration and risk. Neuro-Dramatic-Play® enables people to become more playful and to think ‘outside the box’. It encourages people to be more independent and self-reliant. It affirms people’s identity and self-esteem, and the building of social relationships. 

Neuro-Dramatic-Play® has a unique influence on child development both during pregnancy and in the early months. It is essential for healthy attachments, the growth of the brain and the chemical balance of the body.

NDP influences the development of:

• Bonding and attachment
• Security and nurture
• Confidence and communication
• Empathy and resilience
• Playfulness and creativity

Du temps en famille


Family therapy works much in the same way as individual or group creative art therapy sessions. The difference is that all members within the session are from your family.

The major goals include creative expression of emotions, identification and transformation of automatic behavioural patterns in child-parent relationships, resolution of complicated conflicts, interactive developmental experiences, and, not least, deriving pleasure from collaborative creative acts.

During the sessions, parents learn to fully comprehend and accept their children, provide themselves with more freedom for self-expression, and build a healthy relationships. Most techniques revealed in the sessions can be applied at home as well.

My role is to support and guide communication and expression of feelings and thoughts and to offer a safe space to explore difficult subjects. We can use dramatic play or visual art, or a mixture of both. Sessions are confidential.

Plein ciel de lumière


I offer relaxation sessions for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, emotional distress, or insomnia. 

I work with children having difficulty concentrating, or with hyperactive behaviours which are causing issues at school, to adults needing some space to unwind and reconnect with themselves.

We use visualisations, auto (self)-massage, visual art, music, rythme, breath work and other tools to help you to find your balance and inner calm.

Relaxation can also be used in creative arts therapies sessions as a way to help lead us to a creative exploration or to connect to difficult feelings, memories and thoughts in a safe and gentle way.

The benefits of relaxation are found on physical, mental, emotional, functional and intellectual levels.

On a physical level, it promotes muscle relaxation, release of symptoms of anxiety, helps with insomnia and digestive disorders. It allows blood circulation and proper functioning of internal organs.

On an emotional level, relaxation helps you to become more aware of yourself, manage your emotions and act effectively on them.

At the functional level, it is essential for physical and mental balance.

On an intellectual level, it frees the mind from obscure or invasive thoughts, develops memory and promotes concentration and openness.

The relaxation method I use is inspired by a method better known under the name of Autogenic Training by Schultz. It is a relaxation method close to auto-hypnosis, which consists of relaxing the mind and body and learning to let go. I am also inspired by the breathing practices used in theater and drama therapy. It is not hypnosis and you remain fully aware throughout the session.

A Typical Session - 45 minutes

I use breathing techniques to accompany you towards relaxing the muscles and the mind, increasing awareness of the body and visualisations to work on your specific needs. The session can end with stretching, talking, drawing or creative writing. 

The sessions are confidential.

Classe de maternelle


Over 15 years I have created and implemented creative programs in educational settings : kindergartens, schools, and universities. I have helped teachers and school leaders to implement creative practice into their national curriculum, I have taught English through Drama and I have taught university students studying to become primary school teachers, on the importance of art and creativity for child development. I am passionate about seeing the arts applied to release human potential. I can work with you or your educational institution to create innovative, educational and successful programs that will benefit students, children, teachers, staff and families a like.