After a long career as an actress, art director and producer, I followed my heart to teaching performing arts and then on to dramatherapy. It is in education and mental health that I found my calling:

to use creative practice to help others.

I have a multimodal and integrative approach to my expressive arts therapy work.

I use visual art, dance, music, and drama.

I am inspired by Montessori, Steiner and the Green School approach in my educational work.



PhD Candidate. Architecture (and mental health). Northumbria University, UK (2021-24)

Master of Artistic Creation in Dramatherapy with a MA in professional practice in 2016 and a second M-Phil in Dramatherapy Research in 2017. University of Descartes, Paris.

Honors Bachelor degree in Performing Arts from Monash University, Australia.

In 2009 I came to Paris and studied at the International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq (Paris) as an actress and then I went on to hone my skills in clown and bouffon at the Philippe Gaulier Theatre School (Etampes). 


Director of MILPERA, an international not for profit organisation that creates and implements creative education and mental health services across France, Europe and abroad.

Co-Founder & Head of Programs: Lindenwood International School

From 2016 - 2018 I was the French representative in the European Federation of Dramatherapy.


 Casual Lecturer : University of Caen, Masters Program of Psychology

Casual lecturer : University of Melbourne, Australia in CATRU (Creative Arts Therapy Research Unit).


I have written four unpublished theses

- An early intervention dramatherapy program for autistic children (2009)

- The Impact of the theatro-therapeutic space on therapeutic processes in pediatric psychiatry (2015) 

- The Impact and importance of the use and arrangement of space on professional process and practice in a dramatherapist (2016)

- Dramatherapy and Disassociation in Adult Psychiatry (2017) 


My original program Project Sustain-ABILITY© was launched through MILPERA in 2019 and I am deepening my understanding of how psychology, environmental psychology, ecopsychology and the arts therapies can be used to help in our global fight against climate crisis.


I frequently write and publish chapters, books and journal articles



My current professional development is in an Advanced Diploma of Neuro-Dramatic-Play with the renowned and esteemed Dr. Sue Jennings where I am deepening my skills in working with pregnant women, and new borns, parents and families. 

I work in English and in French.