I am Eliza Sweeney. I am a qualified and registered expressive art therapist.

I have a multimodal and integrative approach to my therapy work. I use art, dance, music, and drama.

I am inspired by Montessori, Steiner and the Green School approach in my educational work.

After a long career in the performing arts as an actress, art director and producer, I followed my heart to teaching performing arts and then on to dramatherapy.

It is in education and mental health that I found my calling:

to use creative practice to help others.



I graduated from the Master of Artistic Creation in Dramatherapy with a MA in professional practice in 2016 and a second M-Phil in Dramatherapy Research in 2017. 

I have an Honors Bachelor degree in Performing Arts from Monash University, Australia.

In 2009 I came to Paris and studied at the prestigious International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq (Paris) as an actress and then I went on to hone my skills in clown and bouffon at the Philippe Gaulier Theatre School (Etampes). 

From 2016 - 2018 I was the French representative in the European Federation of Dramatherapy.


For the past 10 years I have worked either as a drama educator, scenographer and artist and most recently as a dramatherapist in private institutions, paediatric psychiatry, adult psychiatry, traumatology, companies, schools.


I am the proud director of MILPERA, an international not for profit organisation that creates and implements creative education and mental health services

across France, Europe and abroad.


I am the co-founder of Lindenwood International School, a school that fosters the education of the whole child from an academic, creative and wellness perspective.

I teach Expressive Art Therapy in the Masters Program of Psychology at the University of Caen and am a casual lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Australia in the CATRU program.


I have written four unpublished theses

- An Early intervention dramatherapy program for autistic children (2009)

- The Impact of the theatro-therapeutic space on therapeutic processes in pediatric psychiatry 

- The Impact and importance of the use and arrangement of space (2015)

on professional process and practice in a dramatherapist (2016)

- Dramatherapy and Disassociation in Adult Psychiatry (2017) 


My program Project Sustain-ABILITY© was launched through MILPERA in 2019 and I am deepening my understanding of how psychology, environmental psychology and ecopsychology and the arts therapies can be used to help in our global fight against climate crisis.


I am the editor of a new publication in dramatherapy to be published in

2022 with Routledge Publishers, UK. 


After the pregnancy and birth of my first child, I have become deeply passionate about helping women to see pregnancy and birth in a positive light, to eliminate fear and to humanise the process. I offer a space for women, men, couples and families to work on the emotions of parenthood and I am an advocate for women's mental health, specifically around pregnancy, ante and post natal care. 



My current professional development is in an Advanced Diploma of Neuro-Dramatic-Play with the renowned and esteemed Dr. Sue Jennings where I am deepening my skills in working with pregnant women, and new borns, parents and families. 

I have also recently applied for a PhD.

I work in English and in French.