Where there is art, there is life. Where life needs to grow, make art and it will come - ES

Working and practicing as a holistic arts-based therapist, Eliza offers a safe, creative and therapeutic space for 

children, families and women to explore, discover and transform. Eliza is passionate about the healing and therapeutic potential that art practice offers. She is devoted to cultivating spaces that release human potential and creativity which lead growth and well-being.

As an arts practitioner she has over 15 years experience working with performance and visual art, performance design, dance-movement and creative expression. As an arts therapist she has cared for women and couples in the pre and post natal journey, children and adults who have suffered trauma, loss, abuse, relational difficulties, depression, grief, anxiety, school phobia, and bullying. As an academic she brings evidenced-based practice, research and study to the practice. In addition to The Creative Health Space, Eliza is a lecturer at the University of Caen and the University of Melbourne in the creative arts therapies and she co-founded an international green school in Paris that has a holistic and whole-child centred approach to education. An activist, Eliza is also devoted to seeing change and transformation in psychology and behaviour and our human relationship to the non-human and natural world developed in relation to the global climate emergency.

 A deep curiosity for life and playfulness, a love of and faith in arts practice, and her heart-felt gratitude and appreciation for the privilege that she has to care for human selves, are at the heart of her practice.


About Eliza

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