enfants Peinture


I am a drama therapist and I practice drama therapy but I also use dance, movement, and visual art as an artist and as a therapist. This means I have a multi-modal approach and I identify as an Expressive Arts Therapist.


All my work is informed by my previous studies and professional practice. I am a performing artist but I am also a visual artist, scenographer, and dancer. And all these forms can be used in therapy sessions.


Therefore the title Expressive Arts Therapy is much better applied to describe the work I do and the services that I offer than purely Dramatherapy.

Some definitions of drama and creative arts therapies : 

Drama therapy is the intentional use of drama and/or theatre processes to achieve therapeutic goals. Drama therapy is an embodied practice that is active and experiential. This approach can provide the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, or achieve catharsis. Through drama, the depth and breadth of inner experience can be actively explored and interpersonal relationship skills can be enhanced (NADTA)

Creative Arts Therapies is an umbrella term for healthcare professions that use the creative and expressive process of art making to improve and enhance the psychological and social well-being of individuals of all ages and health conditions. (FRONTIERS)

Expressive Art Therapy combine visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development (IAEATA).

Some tools that we can use 

Role play







Scenography - Architecture Process

Dramatic text 
Poetry and song







Making spaces with set design tools

Making costumes

Messy play with play dough or mud

Sand play 


Creative writing 


Child with her mask
Child with her mask
Learning and playing
Learning and playing
The joy in play
The joy in play
Making a mess
Making a mess
Works of art
Works of art
Painting together
Painting together