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Welcome to The Creative Health Space.

The Creative Health Space offers a safe space where you can creatively explore ways to engage with yourself, your inner curiosity and imagination which leads to the flourishing of inner potential, resources, discoveries and transformations.



I am Eliza, the founder of the Creative Health Space. 


I am an experienced and qualified expressive arts therapist. I work with children, women and families, for paediatric mental health, parenting support and in perinatal care at my practice, The Creative Health Space. I am devoted to creating safe and imaginative spaces with clients, that invites them to explore imagination, creativity and curiosity. This process leads to discoveries, understanding, new resources, and sometimes transformation. It also leads to better health, wholeness and well-being.

I work and teach in Paris, across Europe and internationally. I am a casual lecturer at the University of Melbourne and The University of Caen: arts therapies and psychology. I am a RDF Funded PhD candidate (2021-24) at the University of Northumbria, UK in Architecture. My research explores the cultivation of architectural and scenographic spaces through participatory and community-led projects, that might lead to well-being in the face of the climate crisis.

I am also proud co-founder and head of programs of Lindenwood International School. An innovative primary and secondary school in Paris. LIS is the first Green School of Paris. I am dedicated to seeing a new future in education, one that not only ensure great academics but one that addresses the whole child. One that ensures the flourishing of human potential and care.

As director of MILPERA, an international not-for profit organisation, I have successfully secured on-going French government funding for the past 3 years for arts therapy projects in Paris, for disadvantaged children needing health and well-being support.

As a clinician working for many years in mental health, social work, and educational fields, I am convinced that the future of mental health support lies in creativity.


I became an arts therapist because I am passionate about using creativity to help others. 


My sessions are run with the your individual needs in mind and together we explore the artistic mediums that encourages curiosity, and guide us towards discovery, resources, the flourishing of inner potential, healing, health and growth.


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Emprise de bébé
Painting Stones


Using art therapy (dance, drama, visual art), I aim to help people address and understand better their emotions about the climate crisis, and to overcome or transform fears, traumas, anxieties and stress related to the crisis as well as discovering and uncovering your inner resources and resilience to face an uncertain future with strength and, to feel empowered to enact change.


Support for mothers, mothers and babies, and parents

Ante-natal and post-natal mental health care

Preparation for birth and mother/parenthood

Post traumatic birth support

Fear of birth support

Loss and grief support 

Infertility and IVF support


Creative Arts Therapies is a healthcare profession that uses the creative and expressive process of art (visual and dramatic) making to improve and enhance the psychological and social well-being of individuals of all ages and health conditions and to achieve therapeutic objectives.

Classe de maternelle
Du temps en famille
Plein ciel de lumière


I consult on creative programs for education and mental health in educational, social and health institutions. I also consult on how to integrate sustainability through creative practice into businesses and educational insitutions.


Family creative arts therapy sessions focus on the motivation, maintenance, and development of open communication within the family as well as healing of past and present conflicts.


Psychodynamic relaxation & Mindfulness relaxation sessions


My private practice is situated in the heart of Paris

Closest metros are: Metro Sentier / Réaumur-Sebastapol / Châtelet

+33 6 31 66 26 76

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